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DuraSet Cementing System

DuraSet Cementing System

Enhances tensile and flexural strength

The BHGE DuraSet™ cement system is specifically designed to provide improved tensile strength and elastic properties while exhibiting enhanced mechanical properties—delivering superior zonal isolation and reliable wellbore integrity.

Superior zonal isolation and reliable wellbore integrity

  • The use of specific additive combinations and, in some cases, foam offers improved flexural and tensile strength, elastic properties, and fracture toughness. DuraSet slurries can be used in the majority of casing or liner applications.

    BHGE recognizes that a single cement slurry does not fit all applications. This led us to develop cement systems with high flexibility and take elastic cement systems out of the lab and into the real world.

    DuraSet cement slurries are part of the BHGE Set for Life™ family of cement systems, which are designed to isolate and protect the targeted zone for the life of the well. These slurries can be blended with other systems in this family to help ensure long-term zonal isolation.

    Our capabilities include state-of-the-art cement pumping equipment, such as the BHGE Seahawk™ cement unit, to help ensure a quality cement job.


    • Critical primary cementing operations
    • Fields with a history of sustained annular pressure
    • Wells exposed to high-pressure fracturing operations
    • Multilateral wellbore junctions

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