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Ensure zonal isolation for the well life

  • The BHGE Set for Life™ family of cementing systems ensures each design isolates and protects the target zone for the well life. Best practices based on field-proven solutions—combined with proprietary design software—create a lifelong hydraulic seal between the well and the formation even under challenging and variable conditions.

    By custom blending each system for a specific well condition, we ensure optimal performance. Even in demanding and varied well conditions, our Set for Life systems bond the first time, avoiding the expense of remedial operations. And the systems continue to isolate and protect, reducing well maintenance cost while building economic improvements into every application. 

    Even in extreme-temperature, density, chemical, stress, and ecologically sensitive environments, our cement slurry systems offer critical strength and durability; combat shallow-water and gas flow in deepwater wells; and withstand CO2 and other corrosive environments.  

    You can count on this superior approach in HP/HT wellbores or in low-density, low-pressure weak formations. Because these conditions seldom exist by themselves, we design each job for easy blending to produce the optimal cement slurry. Each base system can be individually applied or precisely adjusted and can be combined for outstanding results, regardless of the specific wellbore condition.

    As you know, zonal isolation is a key requirement for responsible oil and gas production. Our cementing best practices improve the performance of this primary protection barrier. We help you to protect underground source drinking water whether or not hydraulic fracturing services are required.

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