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Superior construction solutions

  • Whether you are operating onshore, offshore or subsea, BHGE will help you construct your well safely and in the most efficient manner. Our solutions range from surface and subsea wellheads, to specialty connectors and pipes.

    Get reliable performance over the life of your well, while reducing risk. BHGE’s comprehensive portfolio of wellbore construction technologies helps eliminate non-productive time and lower the overall cost of well construction. From liner hangers, to multilaterals, solid expandable monobores, and wellbore isolation systems, these solutions ensure your operations run smoothly from the start.

    Problems we solve

    Every BHGE technology is carefully engineered and rigorously tested to ensure well integrity, productivity, and pressure control. Our products and services are crafted to tackle specific problems, such as hole size, technical limitations, pressure requirements, and safety concerns in even the most challenging applications, like deepwater or extended reach wells. So you can avoid unplanned interventions and create the ideal wellbore from formation to surface

    Our well construction methods have many advantages, such as:

    • Advance well performance and production rates
    • Minimize health, safety, and environmental risks
    • Significantly lower NPT
    • Increase reservoir connectivity
    • Improve hydrocarbon recovery
    • Boost ROI and reduce capital expenses

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