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Shale 360 Frac Services

Shale 360 Frac Services

Integrated frac services and fleet

  • With Shale 360 Services, our customers benefit from an extensive inventory of frac equipment installed by experienced professionals and a fleet of crane and heavy haul trucks to deliver the equipment where and when it’s needed. To ensure optimal performance, we test and service equipment using our multi-purpose torque and test trailers, trailer-mounted grease units and valve flushing trailers.


    BHGE’s Remote Greasing Unit is an innovative approach to valve maintenance. The two-piece system consists of a greasing skid and a remote manifold, which allows remote greasing while the frac tree is in operation, thus removing the need for personnel to approach the hot zone around a well. Our remote greasing unit is the ideal greasing method for use in zipper frac applications, but applicable on any system up to 15,000 psi.


    BHGE HAWK-EYE is a smart surface completion software. It is a cloud based application that monitors and optimizes pad operations by minimizing operational uncertainty, capturing non-productive time, reducing unplanned outages, and improving safety.

    Some of the features of this application includes:

    • Real time monitoring and recording of events
    • Secure and efficient management of operations data
    • Visualization interface to stream live operations data

    Using this tool pad owners can:

    • Confirm ball drop events such as ball launch and seating, and valve positioning.
    • Determines leaks and pressure spikes to improve operational efficiency
    • Ensure reliable and optimized operation through real time operational data analytics, information on non-productive time (NPT)
    • Enhances operational safety and minimizes operational uncertainty by adjacent well monitoring and erosion monitoring


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