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Shale 360 Frac Manifold

Shale 360 Frac Manifold

Optimized manifold design to improve flow characteristics

  • The Vertical Frac Manifold is designed to safely allow for simultaneous frac operations on multiple well pads. Each self-contained unit consists of a customized array of actuated valves, block valves, and frac head outlet and is engineered to safely isolate each well during stimulation. Multiple manifolds can be installed on one skid to accommodate each customer’s specific well site/pad requirements.

    Improved safety

    • Less repeated lifting, fewer connection make-ups and line manipulations to reduce risks
    • Hydraulic valve allows closing the manifold from a remote, safe distance
    • Available block valves reduce overall height and offer fewer connections/potential leak paths
    • Double-acting hydraulic actuator with manual override ensures proper flow control and shut off even if hydraulic system has been interrupted
    • Self-contained units act as a barrier to hold fluids and prevent environmental issues

    Time-saving efficiencies

    • Crane trucks deliver and place equipment, eliminating the need to contract a crane to remove individual components from the manifold and pay for costly operating and standby time
    • Rigged up before frac equipment arrives expedites pad preparation
    • Made-up once, eliminating downtime, teardown, and repositioning of lines while each well on the pad is fractured

    Economical, compact design

    • Frac trees and manifold assemblies available for working pressures from 5,000 psi through 20,000 psi
    • Compact design allows units to be shipped to/from well site with GE crane trucks reduces freight costs due to no “wide load” permitting
    • 4-unit-connecting spools with rotating flange provide adjustability to overcome minor alignment issues
    • Factory assembled in two to four-well units or customized per operator’s specific well site/pad requirements
    • Frac head designed with four or five outlets allows for enhanced versatility of flow volume control
    • Vertically mounted Sandbuster® frac valves save space, reduce hazards and simplify repairs
    • Vertical orientation offers better performance over horizontal systems in sanding/greasing operations

    Optional on-site support

    • Provide 24-hour frac maintenance to operate and grease valves and to re-torque connections


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