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Critical services, expertly delivered

  • Advanced technologies, readily available

    Combining proven field expertise, advanced technology, equipment reliability and renowned quality and engineering, Shale 360™ Services is an integrated solution that ensures high availability of innovative equipment designed to handle the technical rigors of unconventional operations. Backed by a highly trained and experienced team in the shale and fracturing industry, BHGE’s full suite of installation, test and maintenance services deliver superior safety, reliability and operational excellence.

    Our Shale 360 Services bring a high level of specialization to critical services that extend across the life of the well. Installed by experienced professionals, we offer an extensive inventory of frac valves, trees, manifolds, isolation sleeves and frac accessories. To ensure optimal performance, we torque, test, service and support equipment using a multi-pronged approach, while offering a wide range of ancillary products to further support your needs

    With a lighter, compact design and improved safety features, our Sandfree Plug Valve™ (SPV) is a rugged bidirectional valve specially designed for severe conditions in fracturing operations. Metal-to-metal sealing combined with a low alloy steel body and corrosion-resistant coated interior means greater resilience to fracturing fluids, high vibrations, pulsations, and fluid flow. Built to meet regulatory compliance, our SPV offers reliable service with fewer field interventions during fracturing jobs.

    Reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, minimize repairs and downtime while increasing the performance of your wells.

    Shale 360 Services delivers new efficiencies and greater productivity while elevating performance in high risk fracturing environments. From mobilization and installation to onsite operations and flowback support, BHGE works with you to quickly overcome the most complex challenges of producing oil and gas.

    Shale 360 provides a number of advantages, such as:

    • Elevated well performance and productivity
    • Reduced maintenance and repairs
    • Full 360 support and service with trained experts
    • Increased efficiency with advanced technology
    • Improved safety, reliability, and availability of equipment
    • Lower maintenance costs



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