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DeepShield Deepwater Tubing-Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valve

DeepShield Deepwater Tubing-Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valve

Install fail-safe protection in deepwater completions

  • DeepShield™ deepwater subsurface safety valves deliver fail-safe performance in completions that require low operating pressures due to control system limitations. The patented DeepShield operating system provides simple and reliable operation in the most critical applications, and delivers the redundancy and assurance required in remote subsea wells. Innovative design and simple operation protect your investment.

    The DeepShield valve is the industry’s first V1-validated subsurface safety valve as defined in API SPEC 14A Specification for Subsurface Safety Valve Equipment, Twelfth Edition. Per this specification, subsurface safety valves must now undergo more stringent prototype testing than was previously required. With only minor modifications, the Baker Hughes subsurface safety valve prototype test program was able to accommodate the new V1-validation specifications, and continues to exceed the requirements set forth by API.

    Balancing the hydrostatic pressures ensures low operating pressures, even in deepwater applications. The dynamic seal configuration used for the operating piston represents a significant engineering achievement that uses reliable, field-proven sealing technology designed for nitrogen-charged safety valves. The valve features a patented operating system capable of closing in all applications, even if primary nitrogen chamber pressure is lost.


    • Remote subsea wells
    • Deep-set wells
    • Completions that require low operating pressures because of control system limitations

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