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Blue Tarpon Deepwater Stimulation Vessel

Blue Tarpon Deepwater Stimulation Vessel

Stimulate deepwater wells with reduced risk and NPT

  • The BHGE Blue Tarpon™ deepwater stimulation vessel improves completion efficiency by performing multiple well completions on a single voyage. Without docking to resupply, the well-stimulation, class-certified, dynamically positioned (DP Class 2) vessel’s increased capacity allows you to work faster with enhanced operational efficiency.  

    In offshore multiple-zone deployments, such as the Gulf of Mexico, our well stimulation process reduces risk in high-rate, high-volume applications. This is accomplished through backup systems—offering the highest level of equipment redundancy and reliability—and computer-controlled mixing/pumping systems to ensure the operation is not delayed.

    Our stim vessel offers fracturing, sand control, acidizing, and pressure pumping with three blenders, the most in the industry, which offer maximum backup. Capabilities include 80 bbl/min [0.21 m3/s] frac-pack pumping; 80 bbl/min [0.21 m3/s] continuous-mix frac fluid rate; 20 bbl/min [0.05 m3/s] continuous-mix acid rate; and 80 bbl/min [0.21 m3/s] fluid filtration.

    The enclosed stimulation plant is completely protected from the environment, further improving equipment reliability while reducing potential corrosion.

    Our deepwater stimulation vessel uses the JobMaster™ data acquisition in-house software package to acquire, process, record, and display pumping data in real time. The software communicates via proprietary and industry-standard protocols. On-, off-site remote monitoring with user-customizable views ensures you have critical pumping information during operations.

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