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Blue Orca Stimulation Vessel

Blue Orca Stimulation Vessel

Maximize offshore recovery while reducing risk and NPT

  • The Blue Orca incorporates state-of-the-art stimulation technology and unsurpassed treatment capabilities to reduce risk, rig time, and nonproductive time (NPT) while enhancing production and profits. The vessel is specially engineered for North Sea conditions, and can minimize NPT by performing a series of well stimulations and sand-control operations without the need to return to port and resupply.

    The new Blue Orca stimulation vessel houses five Baker Hughes 2700 HHP pump units, each one capable of delivering 2,750 hydraulic horsepower (HHP). The two fluidend sizes can be reconfigured quickly and easily to provide maximum flexibility. The Blue Orca can carry 2.5 million lbm (1134 tonnes) of sand or equivalent proppant—allowing it to perform multiple fracturing treatments without having to return to port to resupply.

    Advanced systems permit smooth, efficient, and reliable blending of high-quality fracturing fluids and eliminate the need for oil-based slurried polymer concentrates. An industry-leading, three-mode acid- blending system provides safe, reliable, and highly versatile mixing of a wide range of organic or inorganic acid systems. Eight lined tanks hold a total of 180,000 gal (681.374 L) of organic and inorganic acids and solvents for maximum flexibility and reliability while meeting or exceeding all safety and environmental standards.


    • Offshore stimulation operations including acidizing and fracturing
    • Sand control operations
    • Well control operations

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