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DeepSpot Complete Acid Fracturing Service

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Enhances production through high viscosity, slow-reacting acid, and effective leak-off control in a single system

Acid frac jobs are tough. And it's because you've had to switch back and forth between multiple fluids to get the results you need. But now you don't need multiple fluids. And you can get even better results.

The DeepSpot™ complete acid fracturing service delivers rock-breaking viscosity, slow-reacting acid, and effective leak-off control in a single fluid system.

Acid can be pumped nonstop, penetrating deep into the formation before it reacts. The fluid system's polymer breaks down into much smaller pieces for easier cleanup. And the entire job can be pumped at high rates and with less HHP so you can get the fractures you need—more efficiently.

The result: longer, more conductive fracs—and optimized production—without all the extra logistics.

Contact us today to learn how the DeepSpot service can transform your next acid frac job.

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DeepSpot Complete Acid Fracturing Service

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