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LiteProp Ultralightweight Proppants

LiteProp Ultralightweight Proppants

Access greater reserves from more effective propped area

  • The BHGE LiteProp™ ultra-lightweight proppants (ULWPs) significantly improve production.

    The improved transport properties in low- or no-polymer frac-fluid systems—minimizing residual proppant pack damage—offer greater effective frac length with maximum producing- zone conductivity.

    LiteProp ULWPs are strong, low-density materials with much slower settling rates than sand or other proppants. Placing these proppants—some with less than half the density of sand—deep into the fracture can produce a greater effective frac length and/or areal coverage and higher conductivity.

    With low-density and adequate crush resistance, our ULWPs offer a powerful combination of properties for many completion and restimulation applications.

    Our technology allows you to adjust many variables—such as pumping rate and pressure, fluid viscosity, and proppant loading in new ways—in different applications. The inherently slow settling rates can support frac height containment, for example; these rates offer more effective screen coverage in horizontal openhole gravel-packing operations.

    Post-treatment productivity analysis of wells fractured with very low concentrations of our ULWPs has defined frac areas made possible only by achieving a partial monolayer of proppant, a long-sought industry goal.

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