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ClearStar Fracturing Fluid System

ClearStar Fracturing Fluid System

Improve recovery with clean, conductive fractures

  • The ClearStar™ fracturing fluid system improves reservoir performance and delivers superior hydraulic fracturing with better flowback and improved economic results compared to guar, guar-derivative, and borate systems. ClearStar fluids use a high-molecular-weight polymer that, when combined with our delayed cross-linking chemistry and proprietary breaker technology, can

    • stimulate wells for maximum recovery;
    • minimize the risk of formation damage;
    • simplify cleanup;
    • improve conductivity; and
    • boost production.

    Regain proppant pack permeability and reservoir conductivity. 
    This guar-alternative frac fluid helps to ensure maximum flowback capacity and speed—increasing both initial and long-term production. In addition to boosting production, the ClearStar system also improves economic performance.

    • Its high molecular weight requires less polymer.
    • Improved friction properties reduce the horsepower needed for pumping.
    • Elimination of guar gum negates highly volatile commodity pricing.

    This new fracturing fluid system delivers superior viscosity, similar to borate systems, and possesses a low pH to reduce the potential for clay swelling that can restrict production flow. With customizable delay times based on lateral length and pump rates, the ClearStar fluid enhances sand transport through the wellbore and ensures proper placement within the fractures.

    The ClearStar system uses a premium cellulose-based polymerthat leaves behind little, if any, residue in the fracture. Combined with Baker Hughes unmatched breaker technology, your fluids will break cleanly, completely, and consistently—effectively eliminating your risk of formation or proppant pack damage. Plus, cleanup will be a lot simpler.

    Unlike competitive systems, which require high polymer loading to achieve the desired viscosity, ClearStar systems can perform effectively at relatively low weights—lowering horsepower overall requirements and related fuel costs.

    Less residue; less formation damage; increased load recovery; and clean, efficient fractures—the ClearStar fracturing fluid system improves reservoir performance.


    • Crosslinked system replacement for conventional guar
    • Hydraulic fracturing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs with temperatures from 150°–275°F (66°–135°C)
    • Foamed or energized fracturing treatments using carbon dioxide(CO2) or nitrogen

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