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BrineCare Fracturing Fluid Systems

BrineCare Fracturing Fluid Systems

Safely, efficiently, and effectively reuse produced water in hydraulic fracturing

  • Estimates place the average cost for North America freshwater sourcing and transportation for fracturing operations at more than USD 3/bbl. Even greater is the cost associated with the treatment, storage, and disposal of produced water. Clearly, a simple, effective means for reusing recycled water in fracturing operations offers a significant cost savings opportunity for operators.

    With the BrineCare family of fracturing fluids, identifying the proper frac fluid system is as simple as gathering a water sample for analysis. Our experts can then quickly and efficiently determine the optimal BrineCare system based on the produced water’s analysis (Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), hardness, etc.) and formation BHST.

    Simplify stimulation operations with produced water fracturing fluids

    The BrineCare™ systems represent a suite of simple, easy-to-deploy fracturing fluids specifically engineered for fast, effective screening and application. Each of the four BrineCare frac fluid systems has been pre-engineered to ensure reliable performance with produced water across a specific range of TDS and water temperatures.

    BrineCare systems offer superior tolerance to mix waters, including brines, to help: 

    • Minimize produced water treatment and disposal costs 
    • Eliminate freshwater acquisition and transportation costs 
    • Protect against delays due to freshwater shortages 
    • Ensure reliable stimulation performance 
    • Improve HSE performance.

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