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Sorb Ultra Solid Inhibitors

Sorb Ultra Solid Inhibitors

Delivers multiyear flow assurance in offshore wells

What is Sorb Ultra?

Sorb Ultra is a chemical-infused proppant that can address your need for multiyear, offshore reservoir flow assurance. The newest addition to our field-proven Sorb product line, Sorb Ultra is designed for offshore applications and can withstand high closure pressures for deepwater wells. It is added during stimulation to mitigate or eliminate the need for an expensive and potentially damaging intervention due to scale, paraffin, bacteria, or asphaltene deposition.

How it works

  • High-strength Sorb Ultra particles are engineered to serve as a conventional, medium-strength proppant but with an added benefit – the ability to provide long-term flow assurance. Delivered as part of an integrated StimPlus™ service combining stimulation services and flow assurance chemistry, the Sorb Ultra materials are placed in the near-wellbore environment and reservoir as part of the proppant pack and the chemicals are only released when needed.

    Why apply Sorb Ultra?

    Think about it. You can delay or prevent costly production interruptions.  You can provide inhibition in the reservoir for scale, paraffin and asphaltene. You can achieve long-term, multiyear inhibition. And, you can simplify the transition into production chemistry programs. In short, Sorb Ultra delays, reduces, and/or eliminates the need for subsequent costly well interventions – improving your well’s economics.

    Sorb Ultra Offerings

    Current offerings include the following:

    Flow Assurance:

    -          ScaleSorb™ Ultra for inorganic scale

    -          SaltSorb™ Ultra for salt deposition

    -          ParaSorb™ Ultra for paraffin deposition

    -          AsphaltSorb™ Ultra for asphaltene deposition

    Integrity Management:

    -          CorrSorb™ Ultra for corrosion control

    -          BioSorb™ Ultra for bacterial control


    -          Deepwater and ultradeepwater oil and gas wells

    -          Wells with high closure pressures (>8,000 PSI)

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