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  • Despite advances in technology, no conventional sand control solution provides the right combination of total conformance, wellbore stability, and superior filtration required for effective, long-term sand control. Shortfalls can lead to sand control failure—and ultimately higher costs and diminished returns.

    The GeoFORM™ sand management system uses a revolutionary material that conforms effortlessly to complex well profiles, multilaterals, and ultrafine sand formations, delivering a new level of sand control performance with fewer operational requirements.

    The GeoFORM system’s unique Morphic™ shape memory polymer media is run downhole like a sand screen—but it can be installed by a two person crew, and it doesn’t require special pumping equipment or proppant, making it ideal for remote locations. When used in place of a gravel pack, the GeoFORM system can save one to three days of rig time per zone.

    The GeoFORM system is simple and modular so the screen joints can be assembled using local personnel and resources. This design lets you customize more solutions.

    No conventional expandable screen nor gravel-pack offering on the market offers the conformance, reliability, or reservoir support delivered by the GeoFORM system.


    • Frac-pack alternative for reservoirs with fine sands
    • Gravel-pack alternative for ICD completions
    • Short-radius and sinusoidal wells
    • Extended-reach wellbores in reservoirs with low fracture gradients
    • Locations with sand control pumping constraints

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