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  • Perforating is more than just putting a hole into a pipe. We engineer and build perforating systems that perform at the optimal level you expect, every time. We design our gun systems based on your unique application requirements: natural completions, frac completions, or sand-control completions.

    We were the first company to perforate an oil well nearly 80 years ago. Our experience has proven that critical parameters of a perforating gun’s design or performance can have positive or negative effects on the perforated completion. We know the risks and how to mitigate them; we can model the best approach to completing your well—whether through wireline, slickline, coiled-tubing conveyed, or tubing-conveyed perforating (which is ideal for perforating long intervals in any environment with excellent cleanup).

    Let us help you enhance your well’s performance and achieve maximum production today.

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