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Octopus Retrievable ESP Packer

Control costs with improved reliability and flexible feedthrough configurations

Beyond maintaining dependable isolation, ESP packers should provide two things: flexible feedthrough configurations for different production enhancement programs, and reliable run-in and retrieval.

Unfortunately, too many don’t. They’re adaptations of old, standard packer designs with outdated technology, limited configuration options, and little flexibility.

With a broad range of sizes and configuration options spanning basic to complex, the new portfolio of Octopus™ retrievable ESP packers is designed to provide an easy, one-stop solution for all of your ESP packer needs.

With V3-qualified seal elements and streamlined designs that reduce hang-up risks, these packers provide liquid-tight protection and trouble-free run-in and retrieval.

They’re also incredibly flexible. The Octopus multistring ESP packer has a wide cross section to accommodate a multitude of configurations. And the Octopus slimhole ESP packer—the industry’s first concentric ESP packer built for slim ID casing and liners—expands ESP deployment options to some of the most challenging well depths and geometries.

Ditch the dated designs. Contact us today to learn more about the new portfolio of Octopus ESP packers can help you control costs in your next application.

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Octopus Retrievable ESP Packer

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