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Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Annular Packer

Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Annular Packer

Stop dangerous sustained casing pressure and improve rigsite efficiency

  • Eliminate gas migration and decrease the risk of blowouts related to sustained casing pressure (SCP).

    The Cytadel ZX™ electronically-actuated packer creates a gas-tight barrier in the outer annulus between production zones and the surface to protect against dangerous SCP build-up and reduce HSE risk. When the sealing integrity of cement becomes compromised, pressure can increase to hazardous levels and requires ongoing bleed-off operations. The V0-rated ZX™ seal element provides an added layer of protection that prevents gas migration, eliminating SCP-related bleed-off costs and production interruptions.

    The packer is remotely actuated from the surface, saving hours of rig time. And its solid-body mandrel maintains the integrity of the casing by eliminating dependence on conventional elastomeric seals.

    The Cytadel ZX packer is the only casing packer that combines ZX seal technology, a solid-body mandrel with tubular connections, and a remotely-activated electronic trigger. It establishes an annular barrier that eliminates SCP, protecting both people and the environment, while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies.


    • Conventional oil and gas
    • Unconventional hydrocarbons
    • Deepwater, land, and continental shelf beginning at 200 ft (60.96 m) below the mudline
    • Deep set wells
    • Long-string casing completions
    • Annular isolation above previous casing shoe
    • Wellbore integrity

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