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  • The TrueStage™ power charge uses next-generation technology to facilitate a simplified solution for reliable initiations with easy clean-up, and is compatible in multiple sizes. 

    Set plugs reliably
    TrueStage power charges include a secondary, embedded ignitor that eliminates misfires and ensures reliable initiation. The main load compound generates enough gas force to fully set plugs and shear tools, reducing the need for wireline intervention. In addition, centralizers placed on the housing ensure consistent alignment and placement.

    Deliver dependable initiations
    BHGE’s proprietary compound cures into a solid which remains fully stable and stays hard, even at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), delivering dependable initiations and avoiding issues associated with high temperature seepage. The uniform, high energy formulation generates accurate, consistent burn rates for reliable set and shear times, eliminating potential errors from wireline companies such as premature pull-out or costly nonproductive time (NPT) spent looking for a burn event that has already happened.

    Ensure universal deployment
    With a standardized charge tube size, TrueStage power charges are capable of universal deployment in both #10 and #20 E-4™ setting tools. This feature reduces inventory and clean-up requirements. The combustible tube burns neatly, reducing downtime, and increasing crew efficiency associated with cleaning. The single-sized tube also mitigates field errors to help further reduce NPT.