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  • The SPECTREdisintegrating frac plug is the industry’s first fully disintegrating plug, enabling customers to skip the costly and time-consuming process of post-frac plug millout. The plug reliably withstands the rigors of fracturing, and the entire plug—including the body, specially engineered slip system, and packing element—fully disintegrates downhole in the presence of wellbore fluid.

    While many “disintegrating” frac plugs offer the promise of being interventionless, most do require post-frac intervention. This is because they contain hard, heavy components like cast iron slips and ceramic buttons that remain in the well, necessitating prolonged and costly cleanout operations. In addition, some plugs disintegrate too fast, compromising fracturing operations. Others disintegrate too slow—or not at all—blocking production.

    Full plug disintegration in a range of temperatures

    Available in a range of CEM chemistries, the plug provides optimal disintegration rates in wells with bottom hole temperatures (BHT) as high as 330˚F (166˚C) and, the recent introduction of the SPECTRElow-temperature (LT) disintegrating frac plug extends the reliable disintegration envelope to temperatures as low as 100˚F (37˚C)—the lowest in the industry.

    This extended range allows SPECTRE plugs to be used in cooler areas like the Permian basin, where disintegrating plugs have not been a viable option in the past.

    With an impact-resistant design, that transfers forces through the toolstring instead of through the slips, the SPECTRE plug is virtually preset-proof, enabling extremely fast run-in rates. Once at depth, the SPECTRE plug’s proven friction-based slips keep it firmly anchored in the casing at pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar), creating a dependable seal to divert treatments into the formation.

    Contact your local representative today to learn more about how SPECTRE plugs deliver reliable sealing and full disintegration after fracturing.


    • Unconventional oil and gas wells

    • Plug-and-perf completions

    • Extended-reach laterals

    • Developments in remote locations

    • Wells with low bottomhole temperatures and pressures

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