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  • Over the last decade, the evolution of new isolation technologies in unconventional plug and perf completions has been explosive. When it comes to completing these wells, choices are vast, and new products are being introduced to the market every day. Our comprehensive line of frac plugs has been designed for improved reliability and advanced efficiency, allowing you to quickly begin production. We offer a tailored solution for every well.


    Baker Hughes TORPEDO™ composite frac plugs are millable/drillable plugs that can be quickly removed with conventional milling tools. With specifically engineered anti-preset mechanisms standard on each frac plug, our impact resistant designs allow for increased speeds during deployment-to-depth, avoiding unplanned interventions.

    We understand that wellbore cleanup is critical in frac plug performance. All of our conventional frac plugs have been designed to be milled in an average of 10 minutes or less. Slips and plug parts are made to break up and easily circulate out of the well.  Most of our frac plugs also come standard with simplified wireline adapter kits enabling quick rig up during installation. And, standardized efficiency valves eliminate the need for frac balls dropped from surface, while ball-on-seat features offer increased safety and time savings, further reducing water usage in plug-and-perf operations.  

    In addition to our extensive line of traditional, composite frac plugs, we also offer a frac plug built completely out of a robust, engineered alloy material that is 70% lighter than conventional plug material. The MILLITE™ lightweight frac plug drills out smoothly and flows out easily to cut costs and get you to first oil faster.   


    When you want to skip the costly and time-consuming process of post-frac plug millout altogether, we offer the SPECTRE™ disintegrating frac plug —the industry’s first fully disintegrating plug. While the SPECTRE plug offers the same flexible stage placement as traditional composite frac plugs, the entire plug—including the body, specially engineered slip system, and packing element—fully disintegrates downhole in the presence of wellbore fluid. SPECTRE plugs can be customized for optimum efficiency in virtually any well temperature and/or fluid.

    OD Size [in] Weight [lb/ft] TORPEDO composite frac plug MILLITE lightweight frac plug SPECTRE disintegrating frac plug
    4.5 11.6 360 360 368
    13.5 360 360 360
    15.1   340 360
    5.0 18.0 385 385 396
    20.3 385 385 396
    20.8 385 385 396
    21.4 385 385 368LS
    23.2     368LS
    5.5 15.5 438 455  
    17.0 438 455 450
    20.0 413 438 438
    23.0 413 438 438
    26.0 413   410
    26.8     410
    6.0 24.5   482  
    Temperature Rating < 350°F < 275°F 100 - 275°F
    Pressure Rating 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 10,000 psi

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