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Liner Hangers

BHGE’s liner hangers provide a means to hang the liner in the previous casing string, enabling the liner to be cemented while in tension and providing a solid bottom against which to set a liner top packer.

Our liner hanger portfolio features both mechanical and hydraulic set hangers with options for ultra high hanging capacity, high bypass, and rotation while cementing. They can be deployed in moderate environments of 10,000 psi and up to 300°F to extreme high pressure, high temperature (HP/HT) and high pressure, low temperature (HP/LT) conditions requiring a pressure rating up to 15,000 psi and 450°F.

The FLEX-LOCK V™ liner hanger is the latest version in the FLEX-LOCK-style hanger family and has been optimized for extreme downhole conditions such as heavy drilling fluids, high solids content, and liner rotation to reach the desired setting depth. The FLEX-LOCK V offers a slip seat wedge profile and slip rail design for increased resilience to solids packing off and for greater hanging reliability. It is available with a rotationally locked option to prevent component back-off, yet can still be equipped with a bearing to allow for rotating after the hanger is set while cementing. A hydraulically balanced, ControlSET™ hydraulic-set liner hanger is also available which provides the ability for unrestricted circulation rates without risk of prematurely setting the hanger, and is useful for ream-down or drill-down applications.

Features Hyflo III
mechanical-set liner hanger
Hyflo II 
hydraulic-set liner hanger
mechanical-set liner hanger
hydraulic-set liner hanger
hydraulic-set liner hanger
liner hanger
liner hanger
Mechanical Set X X X       X
Hydraulic Set   X   X X X X
Bypass Flow Area Standard Standard High High Ultra High High
Hanging Capacity Standard Standard High High High Ultra Ultra
Retrievable Option X X X X X X X
CRA Availability         X X X
Non-Welded Design         X X X
Protected Slips During Deployment         X X X
Radial Slip Load Distribution         X X X
Rotation While Running in Hole         X X X
V0 Availability           X X
Rotation After Set             X
Non-Left Hand Rotation             X
Bi-Directional Slips             O
Hydraulically Balanced             O
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