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Liner Hanger/Packer Systems

BHGE’s liner hanger/packer systems include specialized, premium features and provide the greatest benefits, specifically in the modern trend in wellbore construction involving the reduction of casing diameters in the wellbore.

Whether it is heavy big-bore liners deployed instead of long strings or designing a well plan with low annular clearance, the exceptional liner hanger/packer systems zero in on significant cost reduction. The INLine™ and ZFlex™ liner hanger/packer systems specifically address the challenges of installing tight-clearance liners. To achieve these high performance ratings, we combined several leading edge technologies into a single tool. The INLine is comprised of an innovative, hydraulically actuated liner hanger with FLEX-LOCK™ style slips. It also includes a compression set Liner Top Packer that utilizes ZX™ technology.

Features ZFlex
liner hanger/packer systems
liner hanger/packer systems
liner hanger/packer systems
Mechanical Set Running Tool X X X
Hydraulic Set Running Tool X X X
Hydraulic Set (Hanger) X X X
Hanging Capacity Ultra Ultra Ultra
Run In Speed Ultra Ultra Ultra
Circulating Rates Ultra Ultra Ultra
Bypass Flow Area High High High
Seal Rating (psi) 5,000 10,000 10,000
Non-Welded Design X X X
Bonded Element Design X X X
Zero Extrusion X X X
V0 Availability X X X
Protected Slips during Deployment X X X
Rotation While Running in Hole X X X
Rotationally Locked   O O
CRA Availability   X X
Hold-down Slips     X
Hanger Rotation after Set     S
Non-Left Hand Rotation     X
Hydraulically Balanced     O
Bi-Directional Slips     O
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