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SureFLO Downhole Flowmeters

SureFLO Downhole Flowmeters

Maximize recovery and ensure continuous production while reducing OPEX

  • Our SureFLO™ downhole flowmeters enable you to make informed decisions that will maximize your well’s productivity while reducing operating costs and minimizing risk. Take the guesswork out of your production profile and choose a SureFLO downhole flowmeter backed by the world’s most trusted source for this technology.

    SureFLO 298

    A quarter-century of experience as the market leader in downhole flowmeters means that you can count on the data this device delivers on your wellbore and reservoir.

    The SureFLO™ 298 flowmeter has a customized venturi design that can handle a variety of production rates and fluid properties. We ensure the right design is deployed for your application so you get the most accurate data possible to improve operational efficiency. Applications include heavy oil and wet gas.

    SureFLO 298EX

    Ever wondered how a constriction in the well affects your productivity? Our SureFLO™ 298EX fullbore downhole flowmeter offers you real-time production data without affecting your recovery potential. Its innovative design minimizes pressure loss associated with downhole tools, ensuring your well can produce with its natural lift. Intervention can be performed through the flowmeter without additional production downtime caused by well intervention exercises.

    Conventional downhole flowmeters require two additional wireline runs: one to retrieve the wireline venturi sleeve and a second to set the venturi back in place after the intervention run. The SureFLO 298EX flowmeter lets you observe real-time data to determine if the intervention has affected the production in a desirable manner.

    The industry’s first fullbore-access downhole electronic flowmeter, the SureFLO 298EX provides unrestricted access to assure full production and can achieve a high-accuracy measurement of 98%.

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