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Accelerate production, increase ultimate recovery and reduce total cost of ownership

Our intelligent well systems are part of our world-class intelligent optimization systems that can help you collect and monitor downhole data and remotely control reservoir zones to optimize reservoir efficiency.

This reservoir surveillance and control technology, combined with our completion and production expertise, will reduce your total cost of ownership. Our intelligent well products and services will also increase the ultimate recovery from your reservoir.

Several components make up an intelligent wellbore. They include well monitoring, intelligent completion tools and chemical automation.

Monitoring eliminates well conditions guesswork

Well monitoring instrumentation measures pressures, temperatures, flow rates, water-cut, and density in the wellbore with both electronic and fiber optic gauges.

Cut down well intervention with remote flow control

Intelligent completion technologies—such as zonally isolated, hydraulically adjustable valves and chokes—let you adjust product inflow from any zone, without well intervention. If you're injecting water or gas, our tools can also remotely control the flow to individual zones.

Simplify chemical applications through automation

Chemical automation products save you money by replacing manual application of chemicals needed to keep your wells flowing. Our SENTRYNET™ chemical automation tools make it easy to control your chemical regimen at remote oil and gas production facilities, including unmanned satellite platforms, remote well locations, and pipelines.

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