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  • For trouble-free displacement and completion operations, we provide a broad portfolio of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively and efficiently complete your well and optimize hydrocarbon production. We understand your requirements—remote land operations, artic conditions, or ultra-deep water—and we have the global experience and talent to solve your toughest challenges.  We engineer and extensively test our completion fluids to certify that they meet your requirements for a safe, economic completion.

    Our completion fluid designs ensure a smooth handover from reservoir drilling to well completion to production operations. The goal—displace the drilling fluid and remove any residue that might reduce formation fluid flow—leads to lower operating costs and increased production.  We have clear brine fluids, debris filtration units, and wellbore cleaning spacer systems to meet your needs. Each system is tailored for complete control of the displacement and completion operation and provides the optimal wellbore completion.   

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