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  • We offer a complete line of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate an economically viable production flow. We engineer and test our completion fluids to certify that they meet all of your reservoir specifications in order to maximize your completion efforts.

    Efficient completions

    Our completion fluids are designed to ensure a smooth transition between the reservoir drilling and the completion phase. Within the product line, we have clear brine fluids, filtration units, viscosifiers, filtration control agents, scavengers, and surfactants. Each serves a special purpose in providing the best possible wellbore scenario for your completion.

    Improved production

    Our MICRO-PRIME™ cleaning spacer technology allows you to obtain maximum wellbore cleaning prior to completing your well. Using a unique two spacer method, we are able to displace the drilling fluid and clean the wellbore. By removing any residue that might reduce formation fluid flow, this cleaning leads to lower operating costs and increased production.

    Corrosion inhibition

    Corrosion is a severe and costly problem in the drilling industry. Because tubular goods are mostly iron and most fluids are water-based, corrosion is inevitable. Chemicals found in drilling and completion fluids—along with naturally occurring formation corrosives—also pose threats. Our corrosion inhibitors are designed to work in a variety of brines and water-based fluids, limiting this destructive reaction.

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