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ArchiTEX Completion Design Software

ArchiTEX Completion Design Software

With innovative drilling technologies increasing the depth, reach, and complexity of today’s wells, a more effective way to optimize completion design and operations takes shape.

Completion ArchiTEX™ (CTX™) 3D completion design software offers a new class of design integrity assurance that bridges the gap between enhanced visualization, design verification, process adherence, and collaboration.

  • Improving efficiencies 

    Using CTX, engineers derisk complex design by delivering accurate, high resolution 3D models of the well trajectory, casing, tubing, and completion sub-assemblies, set in the context of the subsurface environment. The CTX software also makes it easy to share pertinent subsurface data, design concepts, and engineering parameters with the right people, at the right time.

    To ensure the quality of the design, the assembly of parts within CTX is governed by smart rules that automatically provide dimensional validation and flag incorrect or inappropriate use of components.

    CTX also addresses the need for standardization of the completion and improving completion operational efficiency.  Using a comprehensive catalogue of high definition, parameterized completion parts, CTX enables completion teams to speed up approval cycles, reduce parts inventories, and decrease the need for engineering of custom parts.

    Our 3D completion design software simplifies the completion design process by facilitating a collaborative, interactive, and governed environment. This environment enhances design decisions, captures design changes, promotes best practices, and provides an auditable design-assurance trail that spans the complete planning and execution process. 

    With CTX, you can work leaner, faster and smarter to deliver operating excellence though:

    • Enhanced design quality and cost effectiveness
    • Greater operating efficiencies
    • Improved organizational performance

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