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The Oil & Gas University is a fullstream educational program promoted by Baker Hughes, a GE Company, to contribute effectively to the growth of the industry. Addressed to BHGE customers’ young talents, the course offers a comprehensive deep dive into the world of energy and the chance for the participants to become part of a global network of future leaders.


The Oil & Gas University was created in 2005 to give a concrete and innovative support to the development of the industry, promoting an innovative partnership scheme between BHGE and its customers.

Exclusively dedicated to the training of young professionals from BHGE customers, the program aims to provide the future leaders of the industry with the leadership and technical skills needed to manage the evolution of a complex and fast-paced sector such as the oil & gas one.

Its main goal is to create a global forum based on knowledge-sharing and a shared vision about the future of the sector, giving to major industry players the chance to foster their relations and build new synergies.


The Oil & Gas University organizes twice a year the so-called “Resident Course”, a 4-months intensive training experience held at the Florence Learning Center in Florence (Italy), one of the most advanced BHGE training facilities.

Updated regularly according to industry’s latest trends and participants’ feedback, the course is composed of 4 modules: Leadership, Energy, Digital & Processes and Equipment. Over the years, the program has evolved to embrace a fullstream perspective and provide students with an overall understanding of the oil & gas sector as a whole.

The classes are designed to offer the participants a comprehensive learning experience through a balanced combination of theory classes, hands-on activities, plant tours, team-building moments and dedicated meetings with BHGE leaders. Every wave completes its path with a final group project, where the students have to confront with a specific industry topic.

Over the years, condensed and customized version of the Resident program (usually 4-6 weeks) -known as “Localized Courses”- have also been delivered to BHGE customers’ sites across the world, in order to better fit their logistic and educational needs.


BHGE offers selected customers from all over the world the opportunity to nominate their top young talent for the program. A rigorous selection conducted by the Oil & Gas University faculty in line with ISO: 9001 rules ensures consistently high levels of talent in every class, with no more than 30 candidates per wave admitted to the course.

From a technical standpoint the students emerge with a deeper knowledge of the whole oil & gas industry, addressing both traditional subjects (products and services, macro-economic dynamics) and innovative topics related to the digital transformation occurring in the industry. The course also provides students with the chance to develop their soft skills set through a broad range of classes spreading from influencing and communication techniques to project management basics.

The Oil & Gas University is open to young professionals with different academic backgrounds. The program requires for all the candidates a positive approach towards life-long learning and a good level of English, in order to maximize the learning experience and get the most from the international environment of the class.


Since its launch in 2005 the Oil & Gas University has trained more than 1100 professionals from 140 companies, shared between the Resident Course held in Florence and the 19 Localized Sessions organized in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Representing 39 different nationalities, the Oil & Gas University Alumni Network enables hundreds of high-potential professionals to keep in touch both through social media and face-to-face events organized in different parts of the world.  

The community represents an unique opportunity for former students to share ideas and experiences on industry’s relevant topics, creating a space to confront and develop new synergies.


In order to provide students with an high-quality educational offer, the Oil & Gas University has always relied on world-recognized academic partners, establishing fruitful collaborations with industry experts from all over the world.

  • Founded in 1944, the IFPEN (formerly known as Institute Français du Petrol) in one of the European leading school in the energy field. It is responsible for all the classes related to the macro-economics dynamics of the oil & gas market.
  • Since 1956, the GE Crotonville Campus is synonymous with inspiring and innovative corporate training. It partners with the Oil & Gas University for all the classes addressing leadership and managerial aspects.


Classes and activities enhancing leadership and managerial tools, techniques and processes.

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Financial competencies
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Project management
  • Digital Foundations and Big Data
  • IoT and Machine Learning
  • Python Coding fundamentals
  • Measurement and sensing


An overall view of the energy industry, its macroeconomic models and market dynamics.

  • Energy Economics
  • Environmental impacts and risk management
  • Natural gas and LNG market dynamics
  • Local content opportunities
  • Oil & Gas EP contracts and value chain
  • Energy transition and emissions reduction


A module designed to understand the digital tranformation of the industry, from production to transportation and transformational processes. 

  • Natural gas, Petrochemical & LNG 
  • Petrochemical processes
  • Power generation 


A deep dive into oil & gas technology with theoretical and basic information on equipment design, operation and maintenance.

  • Drilling and field management 
  • Compressors, turbines, pumps and valves
  • Subsea production systems 
  • Pipeline inspection and integrity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hands-on experience