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Ultralink Module

Ultralink Module

Acquire a range of data

The Ultralink Module (ULM) enables you to acquire data from BHGE's range of Ultrawire tools.

Acquire data from GE's range of Ultrawire tools

  • The ULM can be incorporated into almost any surface panel in order to create a BHGE wireline acquisition system. The ULM encodes downlink communication signals from a computer at surface for a BHGE downhole toolstring, and decodes logging data sent from the toolstring to surface.

    The ULM contains a sophisticated digital signal processor and Ultralink modem to communicate down and up the wireline with the downhole XTU (crossover telemetry unit). The ULM also conditions power from an external PSU forconnection to the wireline and downhole toolstring. A USB interface connects the ULM with the host surface computer system.

    Ultralink Features

    • Bit-rate of 50-142 kbit/s
    • Rugged performance on a broad variety of wireline cables
    • Time-stamping of data, for precise correlation with depth encoder
    • Data integrity word-parity and frame-CRC checking
    • Data interleaving for large datasets
    • Downlink to write parameters to intelligent tools
    • Mono-pin connector telemetry
    • Automatic toolstring enumeration
    • Automatic polling sequence generation
    • Built on the heritage of Sondex wireline products 

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