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Customer Training

At BHGE our Customer Training teams are committed to helping your workforce grow by sharing a common vision to face this industry's challenges, focused on operational excellence. We develop human capital through a structured process aimed at building both technical and leadership skills. Information about specific courses can be found on our training portal. 

Our diversified training products can be combined to ensure results consistency with each competency need. Our training designers and engineers are always available to discuss options and possibilities with your organization, your human resources department or your technical team leader, across all segments of the sector, for all our technologies and solutions.

We provide a complete approach to developing knowledge with courses that deliver in-depth training on our equipment and auxiliaries, and the skills needed to operate effectively for maximum production, efficiency and environmental compliance.

Our Customer Training team also offers courses in nontechnical areas such as GE leadership courses tailored for application in the Oil & Gas industry.

Going further, with the GE Oil & Gas University: our mission is to be a key contributor to the industry and partner-of-choice for our customers, developing their talent, maximizing their growth, both on a local and global scale, and ultimately building a global forum based on knowledge-sharing. 


Training Experience with BHGE

Instructors are field-seasoned experts who combine their understanding of theory with practical, in-field operating experience. The quality training that they provide is a prerequisite for improving the skills of operating and maintenance personnel, to ensure safety and superior equipment efficiency and availability. Courses and documentation are designed to meet customer needs primarily focusing on BHGE equipment.

We operate globally with a strong presence at regional level to ensure deep understanding of local dynamics and culture. Courses can be delivered around the world at customer sites or in a BHGE Training Center, in a variety of languages where required.


Interactive & Multimedia Technologies 

Interactive and Multimedia Technology solutions provide a useful and smart support to our training courses.

For example, with our Learning Management System (LMS), you can plan your career or manage your team's professional development, measure training results and run reports, track learning activities, assign classes and assess your competencies to identify gaps and learning objectives.


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