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Rotor Life Management

Rotor Life Management

Highest durable energy components

Rotors are the highest-energy components in a gas turbine, are critical to performance, and are subjected to extreme mechanical stresses and high temperatures over their operating life. Their integrity can be negatively impacted by operating issues such as corrosion and undetected vibration; but even normal operation will gradually diminish their structural integrity over time. So each rotor is designed for a finite lifespan measured in factored fired hours (FFH) and factored fired starts (FFS).

Add years to your rotor's life

  • Exceeding the recommended design life, or not adhering to specified inspection intervals and maintenance activities can put your turbine at risk of failure that could cause extensive damage to your turbine and adjacent assets, and serious injury to your personnel.

    But every turbine’s operating life is unique—so it is possible for a rotor to safely and effectively operate beyond its original design life, if the proper assessments and preparations are performed.

    Advanced, condition-based solution

    The Specialized Rotor Life Management (RLM) service from BHGE is the best way to determine if your rotor meets the requirements, or if specific repairs could enable extended operation. RLM combines inspection results with a dedicated design analysis based on the actual condition of the rotor, specific unit configuration, operating history, and prior maintenance history at the inspection intervals.

    Compressor blades are typically removed to allow a complete analysis of the disks. Turbine buckets, cover plates, and consumable parts (bolts, nuts, twist locks, tie rods, damper pins), will be maintained or replaced as determined by the RLM assessment.

    The RLM service can be performed on a range of gas turbine models.

    Components covered:

    • Turbine wheels
    • Shafts
    • Compressor disks

    Services provided:

    • Engineering assessment
    • Inspection and repair
    • Disassembly and non-destructive tests
    • Repair and assembly

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