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Contractual Service Agreements

Build a service package that’s tailored to your operation and objectives

With a BHGE Contractual Service Agreement (CSA), we share the risk for your equipment's performance upstream, midstream or downstream , which means it is in our best interest to meet your objectives. Your assets will be maintained at peak operating condition by the people who know it best – our experts. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, a BHGE CSA is tailored to meet the exact requirements of your facility and operating conditions – even in remote locations and harsh conditions.

We offer six different frameworks for configuring your CSA to deliver the service level, technology and expertise that you decide is right for your application. You choose only the modules that fit your needs, with options covering: 

  • Planned Maintenance coverage: parts, Field Service Engineers and repairs (modular replacement, extended maintenance intervals, ad hoc studies taking into account no maintenance period due to the remoteness of the site, etc.)
  • Unplanned Maintenance coverage
  • Resident Engineers, with specific skills in all oil and gas applications, who follow your equipment throughout its operation: troubleshooting, mapping, etc.
  • Asset Performance Management (APM) technologies for continuous equipment monitoring and diagnostics to maximize equipment availability and reliability. Our iCenters in Florence, Houston and Kuala Lumpur currently monitor more than 900 machines and have accumulated more than 15 million hours of equipment data. More than 30 diagnostic engineers work around the clock, using advanced algorithms and innovative sensor and control technology to carefully map equipment performance and prevent failures.Customized and optimized spare parts list, logistics and inventory management.
  • Performance guarantee (availability, reliability, outage duration, degradation) on the entire scope of supply: 'flange-to-flange', auxiliaries and balance of plant.

Our CSA delivers a proven track record of industry-leading technology development and a pathway for integrating new technology into your fleet. By tailoring service levels to meet specific operating conditions and business objectives, we have helped customers reduce maintenance costs by as much as 20%.

We have the capabilities to provide full support for both planned and unplanned maintenance, as well as other value added services. Leveraging OEM know-how, digital tools and advanced analytical software, our on-site team offers single-source accountability and the results you need.

OEM parts

BHGE parts incorporate our latest manufacturing and technical improvements, advanced materials and innovative designs. These advantages are unique to our parts and contribute to their superior performance and durability even under the most extreme operating conditions- for offshore/onshore applications- up, mid or downstream.

Expert consulting to maximize production

Your production revenues increase as a direct consequence of plant and equipment uptime. Since both reliability and availability are critical factors in establishing uptime, we offer OEM consultative services to improve your maintenance policy and inventory strategies with the goal of reaching equipment reliability of up to 99.5% and higher, and availability over 98%.

OEM training to increase your employees’ capabilities

Employee training is one of the most important and profitable investments a company can make. As our customers acquire increasingly sophisticated and complex technology, the technical proficiency of their personnel becomes more important for safety and business performance. BHGE instructors are field-seasoned experts who combine in-depth understanding of theory with practical experience to help your personnel continually improve plant performance by reducing unscheduled outages, unplanned maintenance and quickly resolving day-to-day problems.

Information-based remote services

Our RM&D facility is the central command post for all our real-time remote services. It is equipped with a full range of precision data acquisition and analytical systems and collects data from customer sites worldwide 24/7. With this capability, we offer a series of monitoring, diagnostic, advisory and tuning services.

Field testing and inspection

Our Advanced Field Technology Team will measure, evaluate and troubleshoot to help you avoid problems and resolve issues that could impact production. Our experts employ a full suite of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, data acquisition and post-processing systems to perform all types of on-site evaluations including NDT inspections, performance tests, combustion/emissions monitoring and tuning, vibration analysis...etc.

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