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Rotating Equipment Service & Support

  • Repair Technology Center of Excellence 

    BHGE’s Rotating Equipment Repair Technology Center of Excellence is constantly developing new and more advanced repair techniques for oil and gas applications. We employ the latest innovations including Advanced Welding & Brazing, ACR Cleaning and Advanced Metallurgy to ensure the highest quality restoration of gas turbine and compressor parts available in the industry. We also draw on diverse technologies and methods from across the entire organization, resulting in gas turbine and compressor repair solutions that help customers reduce costs and downtime by considerably extending the life of components in high-wear conditions. All workshops in our global network use the same innovative technologies and high standards. No matter where your site is located, you will never have to compromise repair quality.

    Spare parts

    Using genuine BHGE parts is a best-maintenance practice and key factor in protecting and improving the performance, availability and reliability of your  rotating and static equipment over the entire lifecycle. Other parts available in the market are not comparable to BHGE’s OEM parts, because ours are designed to replace current parts and often to enhance machine performance as new technologies become available. Our parts services include a large inventory of parts located in key regions to improve customers’ asset reliability; e-Catalog for easy 24/7 online part identification and requests for quotations; inventory management for spare, interchangeable and obsolete parts; and spare parts optimizing services. 

    Field Services

    Highly qualified, well-planned maintenance is fundamental in order to get consistently high performance and long life from your machinery. BHGE’s expert teams can be quickly mobilized to deliver the highest quality service anywhere in the world. We have pools of trained Field Engineers located close to customer premises. We provide expert service for all BHGE products, including heavy-duty and aeroderivative machinery; gas and steam turbines; reciprocating and centrifugal compressors; and Speedtronic control panels. We invest significant resources to train, evaluate and enhance the knowledge and skills of our people. Our Field Engineers can leverage the latest technologies to enhance site performance and are supported by the specialized resources of our Engineering division for more detailed analysis of field data, additional evaluation of maintenance alternatives, and various other optimization procedures. This level of advanced engineering support makes the difference between satisfactory and exceptional results.

    Rotating Equipment Advisory Services

    Our Rotating Equpiment Advisory Services team can transfer our OEM know how and expertise to our customers to better address their needs, maximize asset availability and reliability with positive effects on customer revenues. Our experts will assess your site and produce a detailed report with the status of the facility and equipment and make suggestions for improvements.

    Rotating Equipment Upgrades

    Operating conditions and performance requirements can change significantly over the working life of a plant. In response, we have developed more than 300 conversion, modification and uprate solutions for turbines, compressors, turboexpanders, control panels, pumps and valves to address our customers’ changing needs in all applications.


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