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The Aptara™ lightweight compact tree has an innovative new flowpath that reduces the number of valves for same functionality whilst complying with API 17D 2nd edition. It uses unique patented innovative tree caps, allowing it to be configured to suit changing requirements, reducing cost, and increasing value over the life of your field.

These tree caps eliminate the need for independent HIPPS and boosting modules and connections, reducing your costs further. At 50% lighter, with a considerably smaller footprint, this TOTEX-lite solution can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your subsea well system by up to 50% over the life of your field.

Hipps Tree Cap

Production Tree Cap

Boosting Tree Cap

The Aptara™ modular compact manifold addresses the industry's need for modular, pre-engineered manifolds that use off-the-shelf components, reducing cycle time cost and footprint. We have achieved a level of standardization that limits the engineering to the manifold header, structural steel, and foundation, resulting in faster delivery with reduced risks and costs. In fact, it reuses Aptara™ lightweight compact tree valves to offer higher integrity sealing solution. It has been designed for easy installation: the manifold and mudmat can be installed with a single lift using smaller, lower-cost vessels. For the most common configuration, the manifold will be make-to-order with zero product engineering and delivered in 10 months from the award of a contract.

The Aptara™ SFX wellhead solution is focused on improved fatigue resistance to maximize life-of-field options for the operator. The result of our life-of-field approach to design translates into real benefits, enabling production enhancement through well intervention activities even in late life and ensuring longevity of field operations, all with a lower risk profile than traditional wellhead systems. The Aptara™ SFX wellhead solution enables you to plan your well activities reliably and with higher confidence for years to come.

The Aptara™ modular compact pump (MCP) is the is the world's first subsea multi-phase pump without a barrier fluid system, designed to significantly reduce topside footprint and system cost. It is a completely integrated, all-electric boosting system. The standard pre-qualified 1 MW building blocks enable it to be configured to different field requirements quickly and easily. The stages are controlled individually by local subsea Variable Speed Drives that allow the pump to react and adapt dynamically to changes in wellstream conditions. This ensures high inherent reliability, as high-risk items such as mechanical seals are not needed. It also effectively eliminates the need to re-bundle the hydraulics during the life of field.

The Aptara™ composite risers were developed to serve the deepwater and ultra-deepwater applications in water depths to 3,000 meters, cost-effectively. The new composite component is a pressure armor layer, made up of carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic tape, driving weight down by 30% over conventional flexible pipe without affecting bending radius or compressive load capability. It's TOTEX-lite benefits involve the ability to use free-hanging catenary configuration in up to 3,000 m water depth — eliminating the need for buoyancy elements, reducing the length of risers and making for simpler and more economic installation. An additional advantage is a reduced CO2 and H2S permeated gas flow rate through the assembly, giving further operational and cost benefits.


The Aptara™ FLX360 is an innovative Multi-Quick Connect (MQC) system that enables fast and reliable connections between all elements of the subsea distribution system. It uses a patented locking mechanism that leaves only one moving part of the design on the seabed. Its unique life-of-filed design also allows maintenance in situ with no need for disconnection.


Our Aptara™ HCCS-L is a proven horizontal connector suitable for rigid pipes, flexible pipes, subsea Pig Launchers and Receivers, piping loops and control/valve modules, as well as umbilical termination with use of multi-bore hub technology. The HCCS-L range has been designed to be lighter, smaller and and reduces the connection time by over 30%.


Loading the future of Subsea.

A New Way
Of Doing Business

The industry has made significant progress in reducing breakeven costs for subsea developments. We believe there's more to do.

From concept to commissioning, from the reservoir to topsides, across the life of the field — our BHGE portfolio and partnerships influence 80% of subsea project development costs and value drivers.

Together, we can lower the economic development point of subsea projects by an average of 30% and help unlock more than 16 billion barrels in reserves.

Lower costs, improved productivity, and increase yield.



From the earliest stage, Subsea Connect takes the most comprehensive approach to configure projects to meet customer priorities.

Better connections across the development process and more integrated solutions from the reservoir to topsides to reduce time and risk, eliminate recycle and increase the certainty of subsea developments.




Project Connect

We start with the outcome.

Our approach is geared towards being outcome engineered with independent and flexible project assessment through to delivery. All to reduce time and risk, eliminate project recycle and increase the certainty.

The Project Connect Workflow

BHGE's integrated project delivery process — Project Connect — changes the way subsea projects are developed.

Traditional Approach

Subsea Connect

Key features:

  • Economic outcome
  • Parallel track to compress
    the “assess” phase
  • All hands' dedicated
    project teams
  • Independent project
    management capability
  • Technology system configuration
    and project integration




Designed for the life of field. Our Aptara™ TOTEX-lite subsea system has been born from our life-of-field approach.

This gives subsea operators more flexibility as decisions about late-life infrastructure do not need to be made at commissioning and is flexible enough to evolve over the life of your field. We have re-engineered the subsea system to make installation, production, and intervention simpler and more efficient — dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership.

The individual products in the Aptara™ TOTEX-lite subsea system are up to 50% lighter, have shorter lead times, and are designed to be flexible enough to evolve to suit the changing needs over the life of your field.

Download the industry's first comprehensive SPS catalogue. Over 200 pages of subsea information and our fully structured portfolio of subsea solutions.

SPS Catalogue




Connect reservoir to topsides technology solutions to change the economic development point, productivity and yield over the life of the field.

No other company has BHGE's fullstream capability to connect and optimize the fundamental components of a subsea development.

  • Reservoir Optimization & Field Development

    Reservoir insights and optimization to enhance drainage and recovery over the life of the field. We have over 400 geoscientists across our upstream business who can provide critical understanding of your primary asset. Get the unique technology and commercial insights to connect subsurface development options with the best technology solutions on the market today.

  • Lean Well Construction

    Drilling to the technical limit and integrating with the rig to target a 20% reduction in well construction costs. Our AutoTrak™ suite of products has drilled over 175 million feet since its inception, the majority of this footage in the world's deepest and toughest wells. Today's best practices in drilling include optimizing BHA design with drill bits, fluid and sensor systems together with new partnerships models connecting rig contractors and operators to deliver better integrated drilling campaigns at lower costs.

  • Topside optimization and production enhancement

    Upgrade and replacement solutions to enhance production. Extend the asset life and handle 25% more volume at minimal capex. From concept stage to turn-key solutions, BHGE's product and services portfolio provides gas handling, debottlenecking, production and power generation for offshore developments.

Flexible Partnerships And Commercial Models


Flexible Partnerships And Commercial Models

Flexible partnerships to get the capabilities fit for the project needs. Share risk and reward.

From assessment and project design to SPS-SURF solutions, the right partnerships provide a comprehensive solution that reduces complexity, offers integrated solutions and accelerates speed to market — across subsurface, wells and subsea for global customer projects spanning the fullstream.

Digital Enablement


Digital Enablement

Bring the power of digital to subsea development.

Advanced analytics to inform field planning, production optimization, and asset performance management. Better recovery, more uptime, lower risks.

  • JewelSuite™ Reservoir insights and simulation

    Maximizing recovery starts with a rich understanding of your reservoir. JewelSuite™ delivers subsurface intelligence and insight focused on identifying hydrocarbon amounts in a particular underground location, determining recovery strategies to implement and optimize, and predicting reservoir recovery factors over time.

  • Asset Performance Management (APM)

    Asset and equipment management has never been more crucial for subsea developments. Asset performance, corrosion management, and process management enable optimal reliability, availability, and performance of your most critical assets. By integrating applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques into day-to-day workflows, Asset Performance Management (APM) software helps operators develop strategies that minimize risk and cost and dramatically reduce unplanned downtime by predicting equipment failures before they occur.

  • Hardware monitoring and sensors

    BHGE's advanced control, sensing and measurement technologies from top brands such as Bently Nevada, Druck and Reuter-Stokes gather critical data and deliver intelligence when and where it counts. And with decades of industrial experience in the world's harshest environments, you can count on your equipment to operate reliably even under extreme conditions. When each percentage point is worth millions, it pays to make the right choice.

This is Subsea Connect:



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Download the industry's first comprehensive SPS Catalogue or visit

SPS Catalogue