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StaySharp Premium Polished Cutters

StaySharp Premium Polished Cutters

Drill faster with greater durability and reliability

The BHGE StaySharp™ premium polished cutters reduce drilling costs by dramatically improving rates of penetration (ROP), drilling efficiency, and overall performance.

StaySharp Cutters

  • Diamond mixes used in the manufacturing process enable the layer thickness and structure of each StaySharp cutter to match the needs of your unique application. The result is a base cutter with an exceptionally wear-resistant working surface, a sharper cutting edge, and a durable, impact-resistant supporting structure.

    Stay in the hole longer

    For greater durability, StaySharp cutters may incorporate an exclusive BHGE diamond layering process that combines an abrasion-resistant, fine-grained surface with one or more additional diamond layers. Field proven for more than a decade, the diamond layering process has been further refined through an improved manufacturing process that allows much tighter tolerances.

    To further improve the abrasion resistance of the carbide substrate in extreme applications, patent-pending erosion-resistant substrates can be applied to help prevent excessive wear. These substrate materials were developed in conjunction with a major carbide company and a research university.

    Improved cutting efficiency 

    An exclusive diamond-polishing process decreases friction on the cutter face to significantly improve wear resistance and run life. With less friction, the cutter remains cooler, which improves abrasion resistance. Polishing also reduces cutter balling, produces smaller cuttings, maximizes cuttings evacuation, and greatly improves ROP.    

    Superior manufacturing process

    All StaySharp cutters undergo a procedure that maximizes thermal stability and wear resistance by removing catalyst metals used in the PDC manufacturing process. This new procedure combines industry-standard chemical processes with a proprietary manufacturing practice that boosts wear resistance by a factor of four or more.

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