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Sound Environmental Practices

Although our primary focus is on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we remain dedicated to water quality and conservation, protecting our land and its biodiversity, using materials wisely, maximizing recycling and reuse, and ensuring sound waste disposal. We mitigate the environmental risks of our activities through robust practices and procedures, which were clarified and harmonized globally during 2018. We also have enhanced our verification of regulatory compliance throughout our operations.

Across the globe, we expanded our review of waste vendors to ensure environmentally sound waste management, more than doubling the number of approved vendors in many regions. Pursuing partnerships with key vendors such as Heritage Interactive in the U.S. represents an opportunity to increase waste-to-product conversions, now at 9 million pounds per year. We will be looking for similar opportunities to partner with other leading companies to maximize our ability to realize new pathways for reuse and recycling in other areas worldwide.

We recognize that our activities do not always occur as planned, and we strive to minimize releases to the environment.

We have exceeded our stretch goal of a
spill volume reduction, decreasing our total spill volume by
compared to 2017.

Spills that may harm the environment were down
year over year.

This is because we eliminated spills over 
gallons related to asset integrity issues.

Over the last five years, we have reduced both the number and volume of Perfect HSE Day1 spills by more than

Engineering controls and improved systems and processes represent the most effective spill risk mitigation measures across BHGE. In our Chemicals product line, pilot tests of new engineering controls, which use a new protective device fitted over forklift tips, have reduced forklift punctures. Full implementation across the business is planned for 2019. Further, for our Drilling Fluids product line, updated standards for liquid mud plants and rigorous preventive maintenance processes have been implemented. The standardization of hose suppliers and additional preventive maintenance provisions is complete for Process and Pipeline Services, while Pressure Pumping has completed their equipment standardization with particular emphasis on fluid handling systems.