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High-value drilling projects lose up to 25% of the drilling budget to geomechanics-related non-productive time (NPT). Spending as much as 8% of the budget on downtime is often considered a success.

That level of waste is simply unacceptable. Especially when there is a better solution.

The RiskGuard™ analysis and risk management solution is built on geomechanical analysis that provides a roadmap for avoiding and managing NPT caused by geomechanical-related events.

It leverages the global drilling experience, geomechanics expertise, and the award-winning health, safety, and environmental (HSE) response platform of Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), to reduce uncertainty and drive down NPT.

RiskGuard Assessment
All RiskGuard solutions start with an integrated modeling approach that helps identify geomechanical and drilling risks along with geologic hazards. Combining drilling and HSE planning, we design a right-sized, fit-for-purpose mitigation strategy to reduce each risk you face to an acceptable level.

RiskGuard Pressure
The RiskGuard Pressure solution mitigates abnormal pressure-related well control issues and proactively defines safe operating windows to reduce pressure-related NPT.

RiskGuard Stability
The RiskGuard Stability solution establishes a safe operating drilling window. It reduces effects from reactive and unstable formations. It also determines drilling parameters and optimized casing points.

RiskGuard Trouble Zones
The RiskGuard Trouble Zone solution mitigates losses in depleted zones and enables drilling through abnormally narrow drilling margins.

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RiskGuard analysis and risk management solution

Reduce uncertainty and drive out NPT