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BHGE’s RiskGuard™ is a recent innovation that combines Fullstream capabilities and HSE expertise with our technology solutions. RiskGuard™ is a service value combination, now offered to our customers, that provides risk analysis and management solutions, which leverage our global drilling experience, geomechanics expertise and award-winning HSE risk response platform to reduce uncertainty and products to mitigate risks associated with “abnormal pressure, wellbore instability, and other drilling-related hazards.”

With full access to the GE Store (the entirety of the GE technology suite), we have opened a door for digital HSE solution opportunities that the energy industry has never seen before. From Mixed Reality goggles to wearable ergonomic support to failure prediction and prevention using data analytics, we are leading the way in sharing the collective pilot testing experiences of GE businesses with our customers, with endless long-term improvements on the horizon.