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Flexible solutions for reliability and endurance

  • No matter what the application or challenge, we provide a fully integrated solution, including motor, vessels, piping, supports and control panel, to meet your needs. With decades of industry-leading performance, BHGE’s API618 compressors live up to their world-class reputation for low pulsation and vibration, ensuring exceptional efficiency, smooth operation, low maintenance and low power consumption. Deployed across a wide range of refinery, petrochemical and natural gas applications, including LDPE, hydrocracking, ammonia, refrigeration, re-injection and gas lift, our proven modular design allows for 1 to 10 cylinders on a single frame, with a cylinder size of up to 1,250 mm.

    Drive down the cost of maintenance, reduce operating and capital costs while boosting performance of any operation. By leveraging advanced technology to gauge the performance of your entire equipment, you can minimize power loss, simplify maintenance, and extend the operating life of your asset.

    Reciprocating Compressors have many advantages, such as:

    • Improved uptime and availability
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Enhanced efficiency and reliability
    • Range of models to suit your needs
    • Expert support with advanced diagnostics
    • Increased power generation and productivity

    Performance Table

    * at max. speed and max. number of cylinders

    **Number of cylinders. Up to 12 cylinders in a single frame

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