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Pump As Turbine

Pump As Turbine

A reverse-running pump that converts otherwise wasted excess system energy into electric power to run other plant equipment or feed back to the grid.

Micro-hydro power generation

  • Our latest Pump As Turbine (PAT) products are versatile drivers of both mechanical equipment and economics. Easily installed with an integrated footprint and fully compliant with applicable API standards, these pumps provide a simple solution for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy or electricity. They are well-suited to ammonia plant, refinery and pipeline service.

    Excess fluid pressure is recovered back through the PAT to spin the shaft, which is connected to a generator. The pump is designed to work with any operating fluid available on-site. The results are reduced CO2 emissions and maximized energy recovery — a dual strength that has passed the stringent requirements of GE’s ecomagination certification.

    Our current fleet of 70 machines produces approximately 70 MW per hour, which translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions equal to 23,000 kg.





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