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EC Prime Enhanced Conductivity Fracturing Service

Pillar fracturing has become a common way to try to increase production because, when it works, it can create high-conductivity pathways rather than forcing hydrocarbons to flow through a dense, low-conductivity proppant pack. But the pillars are often too far apart to adequately support the fracture, and can collapse, creating pinch points and blockages that can slow or halt production.

The EC Prime™ enhanced conductivity fracturing service maintains your flowpath over the long term, enabling higher production rates and higher ultimate recovery than conventional pillar fracturing services. By engineering the pillar locations to match the properties of your formation, and by placing a smaller amount of LiteProp™ Prime 108 ultralightweight proppant between the pillars, the risk of fracture closure—and of diminished production—is greatly reduced.

Contact your local BHGE representative to find out how an EC Prime service could enhance your production through a stable, reliable pillar fracture network.

EC Prime Digital Brochure

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