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Inventing a Fullstream Digital Industrial Future

BHGE delivers integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions to enhance customer productivity, safety and environmental stewardship, while minimizing costs and risk at every step of the value chain.

See the latest ways we're inventing a fullstream digital industrial future, today.

  • CIRCA™ Coiled Tubing Simulation Software

    The coiled tubing simulation software enables calculated outcomes before a job ever starts. It validates theoretical models with empirical data to deliver superior results. 

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  • IntelliStream™

    IntelliStream™ from BHGE is enterprise software, purpose built on GE's Predix and Asset Performance Management (APM), that delivers a step change in upstream productivity across reservoir, wells, network, facilities and people.

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  • TransCoil™ Rigless-Deployed Coiled Tubing ESP System

    The rigless-deployed electrical submersible pumping system delivers all the production and reserve recovery enhancements of a traditional ESP while eliminating the need for a rig during installation.

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  • LM9000

    The free power turbine enables high efficiency  power and speeds, making it he most competitive gas turbine for LNG mechanical drive in the 65+ MW class.

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  • TerrAdapt™ Adaptive Drill Bit

    The drill bit adapts to the changing formations, adjusting DOC control to manage its own agressiveness and mitigate-stick slip with no interaction from surface. It also absorbs shocks and helps prevent damage to the bit and BHA. The result: longer tool life and faster, more consistent ROP.

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  • DEEPFRAC™ Deepwater Multistage Fracturing Service

    The deepwater multistage fracturing service cuts completion times and enables stimulation of 20+ stages in a single trip to minimize OPEX and maximize reservoir contact.

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