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2017 marked the beginning of a journey to integrate our long-standing Process Safety in Oil Field Services, into our Fullstream operations. Leveraging the success we have achieved with Oilfield Services and our downstream businesses over many years, we began advancing process safety for Turbomachinery and Process Solutions, Oilfield Equipment, and Measurement and Controls.

We continue to build upon our ten core principles for Fullstream Process Safety. The combination of our multi-barrier philosophy, our barrier verification process, and our customer collaboration are at the core of our risk management strategy. We have also expanded our use of on-site Threat Response simulation exercises to enhance human performance and response capabilities for critical operational threats/disruptions.

Managing critical hydrocarbon risks and maintaining safety assurance in our Fullstream organization to achieve zero loss of primary containment events (API 754 and IOGP 456).

Safe Operations

At BHGE we achieve this by applying an integrated engineering approach to risk management and barrier assurance focused on maintaining operational integrity and controlling events that can result in negative safety and environment consequences with the priority of preventing or mitigating catastrophic events.