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PK - LDPE Compressors

PK - LDPE Compressors

Advanced designs and materials ensure high production time

For the most extreme conditions — brownfield process changes and large new plants

  • Our modular design is the simplest way to get the most capacity in the smallest footprint — allowing up to 12 cylinders on a single frame. By using the same number of cylinders than other OEMs, our units exhibit significantly lower vibration thanks to the lower reciprocating masses, higher fatigue resistance and lower power consumption. We are also the only OEM with a proven twin-frame solution (two hypercompressors driven by a common motor) that delivers the highest capacities required by modern plants. This unique “2 x 12” capability can easily go even higher than the current 400 kT industry max.

    We push performance boundaries by focusing on materials and design enhancements for critical components such as new patented designed of packing-cup and valve that contain pressures up to 3,500 bar. Other features include a unique frame design that eliminates the auxiliary crosshead, and a highly consolidated and robust crank mechanism that enables perfect parts alignment.

    Our units have long maintenance intervals and are easy to service because they are simply designed with fewer parts than other machines. All fabrication, manufacturing of critical cylinder components and assembly is done in house to BHGE’s highest quality standards. The end result is higher efficiency with low operating costs and easy maintenance over a very long and reliable life.

    Performance Table


    * at max. speed and max. number of cylinders

    **Number of cylinders. Up to 12 cylinders in a single frame

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PK - LDPE Compressors

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