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Every day, our employees demonstrate their commitment to ensuring Process Safety is fully integrated into how we do business at BHGE. In just one year, our employees Stopped Work on customer well sites due to a Process Safety risk 50 times, an increase of 84% from the prior year. The recognition of Process Safety risks and the courage shown by our frontline employees are key behaviors we encourage and expect, as these are critically important to avoid catastrophic incidents.

Our most recent advances center on the role Human Performance plays in managing risk. We are evaluating how human factors can enhance or degrade our barriers and BowTie risk assessments. We are developing tools to measure the strength and reliability of proactive monitoring in the field, and evaluating the next steps in how to enhance our Threat Response simulation exercises, all in collaboration with our customers.

Through our involvement with IOGP, SPE, API, and the Center for Offshore Safety, BHGE continues a leadership role in raising the bar for Process Safety across the industry, with this leadership recognized by our customers globally.