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Prioritizing Smarter Ways – People, Planet and Principles

Fulfilling our mission to “invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world” requires continued advancement and improvement. We bring our mission to life by striving for new and better ways to do more with energy and to create more from energy, whether through our commitments to operational excellence, inventive commercial activations, daily employee engagement, strategic partnerships or community involvement. These commitments help advance our business objectives and strategies and are underpinned by our culture pillars.

Why we exist


At BHGE, we invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world.

Our activities and investments reflect our commitment to people, planet and principles



Creating an inclusive and collaborative culture that is a competitive advantage



Inventing, investing in and delivering technologies to reduce environmental impact



Building a sustainable future grounded by sound governance, effective policies, guidelines and transparency to protect people and the planet by doing the right thing always

Advancing our strategy

Product Companies

Reduction in the cost of doing business

Integrated Service

Improvement in productivity and efficiency


Increase In Industrial Yield

Culture pillars

Five Culture Pillars inform our mindset to achieve our strategic objectives and business goals.

We drive customer outcomes in everything we do

We connect and invest in each other

We lead in all ways

We are inventors

We collaborate without boundaries