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We invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world.

As the world’s first and only fullstream provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions, we harness the passion and experience of our people to take on our customers’ hardest oil and gas challenges.

This commitment is reflected in our brand pillars and is the foundation of our company identity.

  • We are fullstream. We’re creating a new space in the oil and gas industry, providing solutions to every segmentupstream, midstream and downstream.
  • We are revolutionary. We’re focused on thinking beyond traditional limits, collaborating with our customers to revolutionize our industry.
  • We are digital and physical. We’re committed to helping build a new energy industryone that unleashes new levels of performance by connecting equipment, data and insights.
  • We are global and local. We’re global in scalebut wherever we operate, we make it our business to understand and benefit the local markets and communities.
  • We are heritage- and people-proud. We’ve been inventing things that have changed the planet for more than centuryand we still love doing it.

Our Name

At the heart of our brand is our name: Baker Hughes, a GE company. The name reflects the integration of Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gasbusinesses with strong brands in the oil and gas sectorand the company’s close tie to the powerful GE brand. BHGE, the abbreviated form of our name, maintains the significance of our companies coming together and company’s core identity.