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Features and benefits

  • Addressing environmental problems is becoming an important initiative throughout the world. The reduction of CO2 emissions footprint is a key element in the path toward lowering the human contribution to climate change. Many industrial processes generate waste energy that passes out of plant stacks into the atmosphere and is lost. Energy recovered from waste heat streams could supply part or all of the electric power required by a plant, without the need of additional fuel and without producing additional CO2 emissions. Therefore, waste heat recovery offers a great opportunity, to increase overall plant efficiency up to 13% and simultaneously decrease specific CO2 emissions.

    ORegenTM is a thermodynamic superheat cycle that recovers waste heat from gas turbine exhaust and converts it into electric energy The thermodynamic cycle is the traditional Rankine cycle, using an organic fluid as working fluid . Heat from the turbine exhaust is transferred to a closed diathermic oil loop, which acts as thermal vector and is used to heat an organic fluid loop. This lower temperature heat is then converted into useful work that generates power.

    Problems we solve

    The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) works with a hydrocarbon fluid in place of water. The system is similar to a conventional steam bottoming cycle except for the organic fluid that drives a turboexpander generator. The diathermic oil and the organic fluid allow low temperature heat sources to be exploited efficiently to produce electricity over a wide range of power output, from a few MW up to 16 MW per unit.

    ORegen represents the best in class ORC efficiency up to 24% with the larger Turbo-Expander Unit up to 30MW.


    ORegen offers the following advantages compared to a standard steam combined cycle:

    • Water free
    • Lower OPEX
    • Power flexibility
    • Lay-out flexibility
    • Improved operability
    • Unmanned capability

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