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Overhung End Suction Centrifugal Pumps TC (OH2)

Overhung End Suction Centrifugal Pumps TC (OH2)

Designed for pipeline, boiler feed, refinery and other services that require heavy-duty, multistage pumps.

OH2 Process Pumps

  • Centerline mounted, single stage, horizontal shaft, overhung impeller, radially split case,  full compliant with API 610 latest edition. It can be fitted with any machanical seal according to API 682. Pump is supplied with its baseplate and a flexible coupling connects the pump and its driver.


    TC pumps have been designed to fit the requirements for heavy duty servicies requiring low differential heads like refinery and petrochemical processes. They can be also used as booster for high speed pumps or lube oil circulation.

    Main Design Features

    • Over 100 hydraulics available to best fulfill the required operating duty
    • Centerline mounted feet for high tolerance to high temperature and flange loads.
    • Four standard bearing box sizes cover the full pump range to maximize interchangeability.
    • Axial thrust bearings are back-to-back angular contact sized for a system operating life in excess of 25000 hours.
    • Machanical seal chamber according to API610 - API 682
    • Double volute for minimal radial load (above 2’’ size)
    • Confined spiral wound gasket
    • Closed impeller with replaceble wear ring


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